August 16, 2014

Coming soon: Russian December.

It's going to be a Russian December.  Russia has a plan for a peaceful resolution to the situation in the Ukraine, one that works in their favor.  On the other hand, judging by previous slow, unsophisticated and reactive policy decisions, Obama has nothing.

Via Pravda:
Putin will force the West to sit down to negotiate in December, when Poroshenko is no longer able to follow Russia-must-enter-the-war instructions. In winter, sanctions, the economic crisis and bankruptcy, as well as massive riots among the population will make the West take the opinions of the South-East of Ukraine into consideration.
Given that Putin is thinking a couple of months ahead, that puts him in a superior position to his American counter-part, who is about as reactive as you can get.  If this were a chess match, the Russian gambit is heading towards its payoff.  Meanwhile, Obama keeps surrendering pawns with no plan, no vision and he's losing matches in Iraq, Syria, Egypt and Ukraine.  Yet somehow he still sees himself as the chess master.

But it's not how many games you play, it's how many you win that matters.

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