August 6, 2014

Wednesday Warren Warning - Imperious

Elizabeth Warren's grasp of U.S. government seems tenuous at a minimum. The alternative, and frankly more plausible, explanation of her most recent pronouncement is that she is simply imperious. If you thought president Obama has had an imperial presidency, could you imagine a president like this:
Democratic senators are calling for President Barack Obama to take executive action that would essentially increase the tax burden on many American companies. The White House isn’t ruling out a unilateral act, invoking the phrase “economic patriotism” to condemn companies that incorporate overseas...

The letter was signed by Democratic Sens. Dick Durbin of Illinois, Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Jack Reed of Rhode Island...

“However, our efforts should not preclude executive action to prevent corporate inversions. The coming flood of corporate inversions justifies immediate executive action,” the letter said, according to Roll Call...

Corporate inversion is when companies that primarily do business in the United States incorporate in another country to avoid the heavy U.S. corporate tax rates. Put another way, it’s when a U.S. company with a foreign subsidiary becomes a foreign company with a U.S. subsidiary.
There is absolutely zero thought given to the notion that if companies are doing this there must be a real problem with being incorproated in the United States. Tax policy, labor policy, mandates and other government 'oversight' is driving them out. The fact that Democratic senators, including Warren, are blind to this is troubling. But it is less troubling than their solution - a pronouncement that these companies are being unpatriotic and the thinking that another pronouncement will solve the problem. In North Korea the glorious leader has decreed that every man must have his style of haircut.

And this imperious pronouncement, while not as capricious a haircut decree, exhibits the same blindness to what is important and how the world really works. In North Korea people can be executed for trying to leave. In America they are simply taxed to death.

Bill Whittle famously pointed out that if you took everything from the wealthy in America, if you took most everything in taxes from business, the deficit still cannot be fixed and the national debt still cannot be solved. The answer is to look inward at the government and spending. But that's not how an imperial mind works.

Elizabeth Warren has proven time and again that she's a progressive populist with bad ideas and an imperial mindset. That's the absolute worst possible combination for the next Executive leader of the nation.

She's doing a fantastic job of making Hillary Clinton look good by comparison. As I've said before, maybe that's been the plan all along.

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