August 17, 2014

Sunday Links - Aug 16 2014

Some links to interesting Sunday reads.

Why not Cyprus?

Some Thursday Hillary Bash supplemental stuff.  And some more - Hillary-Castro? Really?  I'm still doing my part to help instill Hillary-fatigue if not ideological antipathy, prior to 2016.

And one more.

Rick Perry felony indictment is a ridiculous non-story, but in defense of Perry, there's this.  Not that Perry needs defending.  He'll do fine defending himself.  Is it time to start taking another look at governor Perry for 2016?

Taking the Hillary-Castro story and the Perry story in conjunction, are the Democrats really targeting Texas? Go for it I say, and spend lots of money trying.  But conservatives, don't assume doing nothing in Texas regarding 2016 is an acceptable response.

Damnit, climate change is real, you stupid idiot!

North Korea can build nukes, but not apartment buildings.  Go figure.

Joe Piscapo done with Democrats?

The Ice Bucket Challenge is working.  Kinda.

ISIS is worse than al Qaida.

Ferguson MO is worse than it should be.

Obama lifts flight school ban. Wait, what?

The Russians are laughing at Obama appointment failures.

Left Coast Rebel.  Just because.

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