August 21, 2014

Hey Republicans, get this wrong and you will keep losing

I have been arguing for years that one very important place where Republicans keep getting their hats handed to them by Democrats is in the realm of advanced analytics and data modeling. Modeling has been used to do everything from effectively predicting successful wine vintages without even tasting the product, to predicting which consumers will respond to which marketing offers, to diagnosing disease, to helping Obama maximize his 2012 presidential campaign spending by working the get out the vote effort in key swing districts far more effectively than Mitt Romney did with his campaign.

Advanced analytics represents the future of just about everything. Have you heard the Big Data buzzwords floating around your corporate office? Big data is a marketing term describing basically analytics. I know. I've been working in analytics for over 15 years. There is true power in what mathematics can do. It's been shown in physics, in computer science and other sciences - mathematics is power.

One of the big problems with the GOP, is they are still, two elections of Obama later, slow to grasp this power. They are still working behind the curve. Yes, outreach is important. Yes crafting a message that connects with voters is vital. But without the power of advanced analytics, the GOP is going to keep losing in the key battlegrounds because they don't even know where those battlegrounds are.

I'm not alone in my thinking on this, thankfully. But are the GOP listening at all?


  1. So true. The problem is the Establishment GOP machinery is still run by people raised in the country club. Getting data doesn't come easy to people who grew up just putting everything on membership tab.

    "Because Barry Still Has 883 Days To Wreck the Whole Damn Place"

    1. Businesses that fail to keep up with the times fail (unless they are too big to fail and the government bails them out of course). The same fate awaits the GOP if they do not do what is needed to remain competitive.

      And don't expect a Democratic-controlled government to see the GOP as too big to fail.


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