December 5, 2013

Thursday Hillary Bash - Bill about ready to go Sean Penn

Bill Clinton wants Hillary to have her cake and eat it too.  He sounds ready to go all Sean Penn on the media.  He wants Hillary to be able to run for president in secrecy until the time is right that all of her ducks are in a row and she can announce at a time of her choosing.  He wants her to be able to fund-raise in private.  He wants her to be able to pick her team for her War Room in private.  He wants her to be able to secretly line up endorsement deals without the light of the media shining upon it all.  Guess what Bill, it's not 1992.  Media is everywhere.  Instagram and Youtube capture most everything.  You can't campaign and plot like it was the early 90s.  You just can't.

Click here for video if it does not appear.

The media hasn't sat idly by and opted to not cover their next superhero and are having none of it.
"We have newspapers that have people devoted to doing nothing but covering a campaign that doesn't exist," he said. "So then they have to decide to create stories. You know, we don't need that."

Clinton did not mention which newspapers he might have been talking about, but at least one—the Times—has very publicly assigned a reporter, Amy Chozick, to cover the Clintons full time.

Chozick and her colleagues at the Times responded to the president's comments by, in effect, rejecting the premise that Hillary Clinton isn't seeking the White House:
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