December 5, 2013

Thursday Hillary Bash - Priorities USA shifting priority to Hillary

Democratic insiders are an incestuous bunch.  Priorities USA, one president Obama's driving forces, is quietly cementing the shift towards Hillary Clinton.  If you don't think Hillary is going to run for president after reading this, you really do have your head in the sand.
The top fundraiser behind Hillary Clinton’s first presidential bid is currently in talks to take on a major fundraising role at Priorities USA — the leading super PAC that backed President Obama last year and is now positioning itself behind Clinton ahead of her possible White House run in 2016.

Jonathan Mantz, who served as Clinton’s national finance director in 2008 and is one of the Democratic Party’s biggest names in fundraising, is set to join Priorities USA as a senior adviser, while retaining his position as managing director of BGR Group, a D.C.-based lobbying firm, BuzzFeed has learned.

Four sources familiar with the Mantz discussions said he will fundraise for Priorities as the group transitions from the last presidential election into its next phase — a pro-Clinton paid media effort, likely led by Jim Messina and John Podesta, top former aides to Barack Obama and Bill Clinton respectively.

Mantz, according to one source familiar with Priorities USA, has already been making calls to other fundraisers and consultants in Washington to inform them of the new arrangement, the details of which are still being finalized.
This is the sort of thing Bill Clinton wants to happen under the radar.

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