December 14, 2013

Blog thoughts

I still need to make some repairs to my blog - the column layout isn't great, and the news slider is busted among other things.  And I'm still not happy with Google/Blogger making significant changes to my search traffic results just because I happened to remove the Blogger banner.  My blog has had a dedicated URL for some time but despite the ads, it's not really a money maker.  Then again I'm not in it for the money (mostly, a bit would be nice)- I believe in what I write.  But I'm beginning to wonder if the free blogger hosting is worth the price.  Having a hosted solution would certainly give me more freedom to design the site without having to conform in order to generate search results.  

So I've been thinking about that.  I've also been thinking about my SEO efforts, which are infrequent, and ill-informed.  I'd much rather focus on writing about stuff that I want to write about than playing with html code and trying to wrestle from the virtual/ethereal world the best keywords to use in a post.  But my inability to do so is hampering growing my readership.  So do I pay someone to optimize my site for these things (which would cost more than I've ever made from the blog), bite the bullet and try to fix them myself and maybe get it right or just ignore them and stumble along inefficiently?  I'm undecided.

Lastly, I set a goal for myself to reach 100 followers this year.  If I add together the two follower sources I'm close, but not quite there.  Google also seems to be phasing out Google followers in favor of Google+ friends (or whatever).  Which kinda sucks but what can you do?

In addition, I've got a much bigger reach on Twitter and I've let that flounder by focusing on blog posts and not actually commenting on Twitter directly much in the last year.

So I don't have a specific goal worked out for 2014 or a plan of action yet.  But I would love to continue to grow the blog. So if you read this blog, and enjoy it don't worry it's not going away.  But I wouldn't protest if you recommended it to someone once in a while.

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