December 5, 2013

Thursday Hillary Bash - The film must go on!

It looks like all of those cancelled Hillary Clinton biopics scheduled for 2015/2016 releases that got cancelled were too much for liberal Hollywood to bear and a biopic is back on.  Oh, Hurrah.

NBC and CNN had both cancelled their biopics in September due to public pressure.  That didn't stand for long with progressive Hollywood.
Lionsgate is in early talks to make Rodham, Temple Hill's and The Arlook Group’s biopic of the former first lady, New York senator, secretary of state and possible presidential candidate, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.

James Ponsoldt, who last directed the acclaimed indie flick The Spectacular Now, is on board to direct the drama, which was written by Young-Il Kim.

The script, which was on the 2012 Black List, portrays Rodham as a young lawyer on the committee involved in President Richard Nixon's impeachment, as well as shows her juggling a diverging career path with her unresolved feelings for future president Bill Clinton.
That's right, Hollywood wants another liberal presidency.  Hillary Clinton fits the bill (pardon the pun).  Putting some flattering biopic out there showing how Hillary can juggle a bunch of difficult things at once, and having some young actress portray her is Hollywood's attempt to Whitewater whitewash her image and put voters into a positive frame of mind about her, right in time for election season.

That's their right, but it's undue influence among low information voters and is a distasteful effort to sway the election with their bias.

The lesson from this that conservatives keep forgetting to mind, is not that politics is unfair, but rather that politics is dirty and often takes distasteful decisions to win. Sad but true.

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