December 19, 2013

Pajama Boy? This is your great idea, liberal media machine?

Nothing more need be said about the president, his team and how low they will sink to sell their ideas to an unwilling, disinterested marketplace. But let's say it anyways.

This is not just PR (public relations), it's really ill-conceived, bad PR.

Talk about getting health insurance?  Talk about bad ideas.  Christmas is a religious holiday.  Their blatant disregard for that is just one step short of saying 

"Ask your hick uncle if Jesus wanted us to try to heal the sick like he did."

I bet something like that came this close to being discussed.  Ill-conceived, selfish, partisan, disrespectful and just plain foolish.

Never let a good crisis holiday go to waste.

Oh, and on the subject of the liberal dogma of separation of church and state, this looks just a little bit too white, too Christian-specific.  It's profiling.  It's politically incorrect.  I guess when it suits the left, their own standards be damned.

All that snark aside, did they really think this was going to work?  How many conversations will this spark over Christmas gatherings? And how many of those will be sarcastic and derisive over this bungled idea to spur Obamacare signups?  And how many will be what's with the Christmas lights and Christmas theme of the piece?  My guess is the numbers are all less than 10, but hey, I'm no Obamacare PR wizard. 

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