December 11, 2013

While we're on the subject of Obama at a funeral

(Original Obama funeral issue here)

Specifically, Nelson Mandela's funeral, everybody is making note of the fact that he shook hands with Cuba's Castro, but Brietbart has the real story about shaking hand with Obama:
Earlier Tuesday, NBC News reported that President Barack Obama had shaken hands with Zimbabwean leader Robert Mugabe. However, the UK Telegraph's Josie Ensor reported that Obama "was asked to take his seat just before reaching Mugabe." Complicating matters, another article in the UK Telegraph also claimed that Obama had shaken hands with Mugabe--in very similar terms to those used in the NBC article.

Breitbart News caught the discrepancy--and suddenly the NBC News article was corrected, with no notice.
Mugabe, in case you didn't know is not a nice guy.  

I'm not sure where the Obama handshake with Mugabe story goes, given the concerted attempt by the media to focus on what is perceived as the lesser of two evils to focus attention on the Castro handshake but I'm sure he hopes it just goes away.  It's not good for his brand.  And maybe this is nothing more than an editorial mix-up or incorrect information, but if that's the case a correction for the discrepancy should be made. Mugabe offends many in Obama's base as well as people's sensibilities in general.  that handshake has no upside while the progressives within the Democratic party might secretly cheer a Castro handshake.

In Obama's defense, maybe he just didn't know who this Mugabe guy might have been 3 a.m. Eastern Standard Time

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