December 29, 2013

2013 In review

Everyone puts out their year in review stuff this time of year.  Top 10 lists abound.  Why not participate?

Here's a list of the Top 10 stories from 2013 as reflected in my blog postings.

(10) A Top 10 List embedded in a Top 10 List?  The Top 10 liberal agenda websites you might not know about.  Not super important at first glance but a lot of memes and media focus come from these directions.

(9)  Back in April I noted that the Pope might be a socialist. It seems more evident today. I was slightly ahead of the curve.

(8) Government without brakes.  From EPA to NSA to IRS, this has not been a good year for liberty.  Government without a means to stop itself is like a car without brakes, at highway speed.

(7)  Let's not forget Benghazi.  People died needlessly.  And the administration conveniently had other scandals erupt.

(6) Snowden: not a black and white scandal.  4th amendment vs. national security has no simple answers.

(5) I did blow it on the government shutdown.  Then again, so did a lot of people, including the key players.

(3)  Three problems with Obama in two paragraphs. What the president says, defines his shortcomings.

(2) Aristotle in action: What the philosopher would have thought about Obamacare is no secret.

(1) Are we just greedy capitalist pigs? According to some, yes.  But is that really fair?

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