October 1, 2013

I blew it on the shutdown

That's me.
Yesterday I said the government would not get shut down.  I blew it.  A little.  It wasn't my main point - my main point was that the underpinnings of the government ride were susceptible to a major catastrophe like a ride collapsing.  But still, I said the government would not get shut down.  Apparently I misunderestimated the stupidity of the governing parties.  Or at least the GOP.
That's the GOP.
Having said that, I don't know how long the shutdown will last.  A one or two day shutdown will be long forgotten by the next election and it might be enough for the GOP to have thrown a scare into Democrats about the fact that they are serious about dealing with debt and/or Obamacare.  But there is the possibility that the Tea Party portion of the GOP could see this play out until something gets done.  Perhaps by not blinking, for a long, long time - they will get Democrats to buckle.  after all, if the president and the majority in the Senate can't get Congress to smarten up, maybe their supporters will wonder what good they really are.  Maybe their supporters will demand that they make concessions to get the government up and running again.  After all, the when the trough gets shut off, they are the ones who lose out.

That's the president.
Addendum: Prior to the shutdown President Obama followed the Harkin unuseful idiot approach by talking about serious talks, and in the same breath lambasting his political opponents.  He continued the attacks after the shutdown. 
"They've shut down the government over an ideological crusade to deny affordable health insurance to millions of Americans," he said during his speech in the White House Rose Garden on Tuesday.
That's sure to bring them to the table Mr. President.  Insults work best when you are trying to work together.

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