December 3, 2013

John Hawkins has a great read

If John Candy were a smart conservative.
John Hawkins (pictured right) of RightWingNews fame has long been one of the bloggers/writers that I've really admired.  His site has been a success because of his insightful views into the political landscape combined with his ability to parse events into commentary that is easy to connect with as a reader.

He has a great article at Townhall about liberals being on the wrong side of history.  Here's a brief excerpt:
Liberals dream of one day seeing all Americans permanently locked in the smothering, cradle-to-grave death grip of the nanny state. Nothing excites a liberal more than the idea of controlling where you go to school, regulating your work and play, deciding what type of health care you're going to have and then deciding when you get to retire and how much money you have when you do. Even if you want to choose, you can't. Even if you want to break free, you're stuck. You're not allowed to make different choices because liberals have made it illegal...

It's a kinder, gentler version of George Orwell's horrific "boot stamping on a human face - forever." In the liberal version, it's a boot gently pressing you to the ground, forever, "for your own good" -- as if liberals have the slightest idea of what "your own good" might be. Certainly, they believe they know what's best for you. It's what they were told by their college professors, the New York Times and their friends. There's a whole echo chamber dedicated to telling them exactly what they want to hear about how other people should be living.
It's worth the full read.

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