November 7, 2013

Blog technical repairs continue, only slightly abated

Not this kind of slider.
Most of the repairs to this blog have ben completed, except for the slider at the top, which remains maddeningly unfixed.  Not being a javascript expert (or even novice for that matter), trying to comb through code to see where the problem exists is slow going.  Happily though, the blog is repaired enough, to be able to resume a more regular posting effort.  Look for more on-topic posts coming soon.
For those of you interested in the mechanics of the situation, my blogger interface had slowed to a hang when I was in the edit html mode.  That was the case whether I tried to tackle it with Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox.  I was able to delete all of the html in Chrome, and create a shell code with the simple template and rebuild from there.  I was only smart enough to save some of my script widgets ahead of time (most of the ones that weren't blogger standard).
Not this either.
While I have my own domain name, the blog is still hosted at blogger.  Aside from ease of use, I often wonder why.  Google support for and innovation at Blogger is sporadic at best.  Wordpress offers a lot more options and definitely a better menu of template options.  That blogger doesn't even have a prepackaged widget for a slider on top is surprising.  Top sites use them.  Blogger consequently feels dated.  Conversely, Wordpress isn't ad friendly.  While I make a mere pittance on my blog, the option to do so is important to me.  And I'm certainly not making enough to justify a hosted option like GoDaddy or Hostgator.  Not yet at least.
Fixing the slider will be difficult because it's embedded in several sections of a news template xml file that I downloaded.  It will work if I revert to the default xml but as soon as I try to adjust the slider pages, it seizes up and doesn't slide.
THIS, is what I'm talking about.
The fixing effort continues.

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