November 13, 2013

Hope, it turns out, doesn't float

I have not seen this movie.
For Obamacare at least, change has destroyed hope.  The website (no link intended) is not going to be ready in time.  The timeline to fix the website is impossible, and it won't be met.  Frankly the chance of it being partially met are dubious as well.  The notion that you can keep your health insurance if you like it, was a myth created to sell the change to Obamacare and it is being shattered.  It has nothing to do really with the website but rather the rules embedded in the law that make the law unworkable.  No one is signing up.  That's not a website issue entirely either.  It's raw skepticism.
None of that seems to matter to this administration.  Not even credibility seems to matter anymore.  Remember how lackadaisical the Obama response was to the BP oil spill?  You are seeing that same level of aloof apathy here.  The president has dug a deep hole, jumped in and is now stuck.  And he just doesn't seem to care? Either that, or else he has no clue how to get out.
American voters' chickens have come home to roost.  Change with this president was inevitable.  But hope doesn't float.  Not with the trust he was given by voters being stomped into the dirt in a rush to enact all of his wild-eyed ideas about a progressive utopia and America-be-damned attitude.  Hope for those who believed in the pretty packaging Obama came wrapped in, is quickly evaporating.  Hope for those who opposed his leftist agenda is waning too.  Things are not going to get better until they've gotten worse still.

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