November 26, 2013

Iranian "Let's Make a Deal" deal

Iran must be thrilled by the fantastic deal that they struck with Secretary of State John (I'm a Neville Chamberlain clone) Kerry.  Even Democrats are wary.  Even liberal Chuck Schumer.  Everybody except the Obama administration knows.  Okay, even they have to know but they are too busy trying to paint lipstick onto this pig to care.  It's all about kicking the can down the road so they can let Hillary Clinton deal with it when she inevitably becomes the next president.  Any nuclear terror will come on her watch.

But those of us in the real world will have to come to grips with the failure of this administration to do absolutely anything to halt Iran's nuclear weapons ambitions.

Alan Dershowitz opines:
"I think it could turn out to be a cataclysmic error of gigantic proportions," Dershowitz said of the deal, which he described as "naive."

"It could also turn out to be successful, to be the beginning of a negotiated resolution," Dershowitz told Newsmax on Sunday. "But I think the likelihood of it being the former is considerably greater."...

"I think it's thoughtful and intelligent Americans vs. naive Americans," he said.

The deal, announced late Saturday night in the United States, makes it more likely Iran will develop a nuclear bomb, likely creating the need for a future military strike by Israel or the United States, Dershowitz said.

It also increases the possibility of a nuclear arms race in the Middle East with Saudi Arabia obtaining nuclear weapons as well, he said.

The Harvard Law School professor thinks there is at best a 10 percent chance that the administration can change attitudes among Iran's Islamist leadership.

"But when you weigh that against the 30 or 40 percent chance that they're dead wrong – nuclear bomb wrong – then it's a very bad assessment of risk and benefits," he told Newsmax.

"This is first-year negotiating theory, and this administration gets a D-minus with grade inflation," Dershowitz said. "You don't let up on sanctions that are working."

Other countries, such as China, are taking the deal as a green light to do business with Iran, he said. All the nuclear experts, Iran experts and congressional experts he has spoken with oppose the deal, he said.

Israel has spoken out against the deal, and Saudi Arabia is known to be wary of Iran. But it is a mistake to think of it as a dispute between Israel and Saudi Arabia on one hand and the United States on the other, Dershowitz said. "This is a highly disputed and contested issue within the United States."..

"I think it's a bad deal for America and a bad deal for the West," he said. "The risks to world peace are far greater than the potential benefits to world peace."
That about sums it up.

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