November 8, 2013

Obama's approval rating doesn't matter.

According to the latest round of Gallup Dailies on Obama's Job Approval, the president has climbed back up to the "magical" 40% approval mark.  In other words, it's still terrible.  In fact if you look at the Gallup Obama job approval numbers since election day 2012, they have almost reversed from an approve/disapprove of  52/44 then to 40/53 now.  The thing is, the numbers don't matter.  Obama doesn't have to run for re-election again. He's already won his two terms.  He'll have another 2+ years to inflict his brand of progressivist agenda on the nation, provided the Obamacare train wreck doesn't negate that possibility  (and it just might).

But 5 years in, we know this president and like bad news, reality does not penetrate the his firewall. His agenda has primacy, always.  Regardless of the approval rating being terrible,  mediocre or great, he will pursue and push his agenda.  Regardless of the success or failure of his attempts,  he will pursue his agenda. Regardless of the damage to the nation,  his party or the people he will pursue his agenda.

That's why the polls do not matter. They change nothing, even though now they probably should.

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