November 12, 2013

Bill Clinton to Obama: Honor your word

The cynic in me says that Bill is trying to distance Hillary from Obamacare so she has breathing room in 2016 on the issue.  But then again she could do that herself.  Of course she has said bleep-all about it and hopes to eventually plot a course through the middle - wherever that turns out to be.  The ultra-cynic in me thinks that if Bill Clinton is doing all the talking for Hillary on issues because she's afraid to comment for fear of dissuading anyone from wanting her to be the next president, then isn't Bill Clinton really going to be the next president if she wins?

In any case, here's what Bill Clinton has to say, whatever it does to help Hillary, it does absolutely zero to help Obama.  In fact, I'd argue that it harms him.  Are the knives finally coming out for the lame duck feast?

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