November 26, 2013

Canadian attacked in New York "Knockout Game"

There's a disturbing trend in case you've missed it called the knockout game.  I ignored it for a while thinking okay, this is a few isolated incidents and the stupid fad will fade.  But then I got to thinking about the bigger picture, which is that news organizations and the ultra-liberal left have been trying to ignore the story because racism is involved - against Caucasian people.  And once they could no longer deny the trend, they decided to deny the racism aspect and then go back in some instances to denying the trend.  At that point it becomes imperative to speak out.

The news about the Knockout Game turned up recently in a Canadian news story as a man from Ottawa was attacked.  I think the truly saddening thing here is the lack of commentary in the news report about the targeting in the game.  It's glossed over (or perhaps "whitewashed" is a better term in this case (emphasis added):
An Ottawa man says he was the victim of a vicious new trend known as the“knockout game.” This sometimes deadly game sees innocent victims violently punched on the street, sometime knocked out cold, without warning or reason.

The disturbing game, usually carried out by a group of people, looks to randomly target innocent people as they walk down city streets and alleyways.

Incidents have been on the rise in the United States, with similar attacks reported in Philadelphia, New Jersey, Pittsburgh and Washington.
[NOTE: I tried to load the video but could not get it to load.  You can view it in the link provided above if you are so inclined.]

Without reason?  There's plenty of evidence the reason that specific individuals are being attacked.  It's racism.  There's evidence aplenty, despite liberal intent to suppress that part of the story (indeed the story itself until it could no longer be suppressed).  Is the Canadian media outlet (CTV) being racist, politically correct or simply not doing their job in finding out details about the trend?  I can't say, but the result is some shoddy journalism.

Here are some examples of the stories about the clearly racially motivated game showing also that it is indeed a growing phenomenon.  Here. Here. Here. Somewhat surprisingly here. Here. Here.  In this CBS local news item  (warning, this video contains violence).  Some links and an interesting article here.  Here. Here. Here. Here. There are others.

and of course, now there are a number of people on the left trying intently to call the racism a misguided meme with no smoke or fire.  They've dialed it up to maximum intensity.  But if it is not indeed a trend, why the panic to suppress it in a the-Tea-Party-is-a-bunch-of-nuts sort of way?  Here. Here. Here. Here.  Here.  Here. There's plenty of other examples of this too. The thinking is clearly that the volume of the message will overwhelm the truth of the story.  The denial is truly disgusting and it's certainly not part of the solution.  That leaves it as being part of the problem.

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