November 25, 2013

Handicapping the GOP field

Eventually I'll get to the point that I can add more thoughts on the various candidates with respect to all the different issues facing the country.  But for now, I thought it would be interesting to see what a professional handicapping outfit forsees.

Ladbrokes of London is one such well-known, respected handicapper that offers odds on the 2016 election. They have currently posted the odds for the GOP nominee for 2016.

Here's how it looks so far.  To me it appears that the conventional wisdom is dominating the handicapping, which at this point makes sense.

Chris Christie -4/1
Marco Rubio -5/1
Rand Paul -8/1
Paul Ryan -10/1
Jeb Bush -10/1
Bobby Jindal -16/1
Ted Cruz -16/1
Condoleeza Rice -20/1
Scott Walker -20/1
Susana Martinez -20/1
Rick Santorum -25/1
Eric Cantor -25/1
Bob McDonnell -25/1
Rob Portman -25/1
Sarah Palin -33/1
Mike Huckabee -33/1
Nikki Haley -33/1
Jon Huntsman -33/1
Mike Pence -40/1
John Kasich -40/1
Ron Paul -50/1
Donald Trump -50/1
Mitt Romney -50/1
John Bolton -50/1
Rick Perry -50/1
John McCain -50/1
David Petraeus -66/1
Ben Carson -100/1

It leaves me with a question for readers.  How would you feel with Christie as the nominee, were these odds to pan out?  Alternately, if it came down to Rubio and Christie, what would your opinion be?


  1. I wouldn't vote for either one, I would rather waste my vote on a third party candidate than those two liberals in sheeps clothing!

    1. I expect a lot of people would agree with you. Neither would be my first choice but the thought of Hillary Clinton following on 8 years of Obama is pretty scary.

      The good news is that a lot of the GOP field seem to be closing ground with her of late and conservatives may not be limited to those two as their limited choice of who can beat Clinton.

  2. Fear of the Dem candidate is what keeps the GOP alive. It's dying, but not quick enough. The Dems play the same game, even more effectively. As long as we keep letting them scare us, they will remain in control and feed us the candidates they want. Time to tell them to screw off.

    1. I agree. The primaries could get decided by "Who can beat Hillary?" which is going to play to polls that suddenly show Christie as being able to beat her. Public Policy Polling and other pollsters are suddenly putting Christie as the guy to beat, and closing on Hillary rapidly.

      There's some truth to it given his major win in New Jersey. But the stories of conservatives becoming a permanent minority are wishful thinking from the left at best and deliberate misleading poison at worst.

      Why buy into that?


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