May 14, 2013

Let's all take president Obama at his word

Imagine.  The president knew nothing about the IRS intimidation tactics with conservative groups (and what's with CNN using the term alleged? The IRS openly admitted it and apologized.) .  The president knew nothing about the Justice Department tapping phone lines of AP press reporters.  The president didn't know who was responsible in Benghazi for a few days at least.  And that they were unaware whistle blowers were experiencing legal difficulty imposed by the administration.  And the likely coming distancing from HHS Secretary Sebelius for her unethical and possibly illegal solicitation of donations from companies to support Obamacare.  Let's stretch our imaginations and assume he really, really didn't know about any of these problems.  Let's all take president Obama at his word.


If so, I have only question for everyone:

If the president didn't know any of this and apparently finds out everything from the news reports, after the fact, then why the hell does anyone think he is competent enough to run the country?


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