May 17, 2013

Friday Musical Interlude - Rhiannon (Rosebud version)

Last week in the Friday Musical Interlude, I implied that musical talent has declined with the passing years.  In days gone by people crafted their music and practiced and worked hard and they believed in what they were singing about - it wasn't about the fast money. Yeah, there were drug problems and a lot of terrible self-indulgent music was made as well.  But the music when done well was incredible.

A stunning example of someone living their music is Stevie Nicks' incredible performance of Rhiannon from the Rosebud documentary.  Rhiannon is an ethereal song but with the live version, this one in particular there's another higher gear.  Watch Stevie pour herself into the song from about the 5 minute mark onward. You don't see Lady Gaga doing that.


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