May 16, 2013

Omnipotence as impotence

The infrastructure's fixed now, right?
The IRS scandal seems to be the top headline today. While the distraction from Benghazi has traction, the IRS scandal does merit a full accounting.  Here are some thoughts on the Obama defense.

The current liberal defense of this incompetent, self-serving and dishonest administration (from no less than David Axelrod himself, for example) is that the government is so big, it is impossible to self-police every corner of it.  If you are conservative and hear that argument used you think "of course it is!". If you are liberal you hear it and think"we need more laws and more people in government to police the government. "

Liberal folly is evident only to those not caught up in its circular logic.  Big government that doesn't work should not lead to bigger government.  When the government has grown to have near omnipotent power to act at will, it becomes impotent to be able to act cohesively or correctly. Local interpretation of directives is subject to a myriad of staff. And that's just one problem with big government.

And yet this is the liberal defense of Obama in some quarters in a nutshell.  Yep, blame. Again.  Blame the lack of government synergy.  Blame local potentates within the bureaucracy. Just be sure the president is untouched.  The media and liberal pundits are the president's secret service.  The irony is that those defenders of Obama are making an argument against his objective of bigger government in order to keep him in power to continue to grow government.

They are making our case for us but they will fail to see it that way. They see it as an end (bigger government) that the means (blaming big government)  justifies. In fact, they may not even realize the irony. They just want to ride out this storm.

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