May 3, 2013

By Popular Request - A Friday Musical Interlude

A few years back I had Friday Musical Interludes to have some music break up the constant political ranting.  Since I don't use the Rule 5 Fridays advice that guarantees a million hits on your web page (not out of moral indignation - I'm married, it's a physical harm issue for me...), I decided long ago to use music instead.

That was before I gave it up to focus on Search Engine Optimization considerations.  Unsuccessfully.

Recently I was bombarded with requests - well, okay one request - to bring back the Friday Musical Interludes.  Maybe just this once...

James N. Common's Rumble and Sway released in March of 2013, it's an "Americanized Southern swamp gospel blues" song style (from a British artist) that is as catchy as anything I've heard recently. I've always enjoyed the music of the southern United States - blues, rock, gospel, country, zydeco or whatever. Given that and the fact that I just posted about rednecks earlier today, I guess this is an appropriate song choice.


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