May 2, 2013

CNN already carrying water for Hillary Clinton 2016

Why on earth do so many Americans want HER?
Preface:  Look, I'm all for a woman president, just not her, and just not for the sake of it being a woman.  Qualifications matter. When the person is right, then, and only then, will the time be right. America could use a Margaret Thatcher, not a female Louis XVI.

In an opinion piece at today, there is already a declaration that America is ready for Hillary Clinton to be president. I'd say that;s news to me but we all know CNN hasn't done real news in a long, long time. Instead they are busy serving as a message board for EMILY's List, in order to help them build a grassroots team to support Hillary Clinton.
Across the country, Americans know it's time to change that. It's time to capitalize on the demand for women's leadership, harness the energy and ignite a movement that will put a woman in the White House.

Today, EMILY's List is launching a campaign to make that a reality. Our community of 2 million women and men across the country has worked to elect women to offices up and down the ballot.

In my personal journey, I know how difficult it is to put women in leadership roles. The first campaign I managed was my own. I ran many times and lost many times when I ran for class president in my high school. In my junior year, I decided that I should run for student body president, because it wasn't just my class voting but the entire school. I put together a campaign plan that targeted only the freshmen and sophomore votes. I even got the younger sister of my opponent to join my campaign. I won. In the process, I learned my first campaign lesson: Never underestimate the power of women. There's a sister, and there's sisterhood.

Now, I get to see that sisterhood at work every day. In the past 28 years EMILY's List has become the nation's largest resource for women in politics, and in that time we've done extensive research on women's leadership and women's priorities. Our most recent polling, conducted on likely 2016 voters in battleground states, proves without a doubt that the American people are ready for a female chief executive.
 And it's not just opinion pieces on the web.  There are television pieces too.

Where is the similar fluff piece on Marco Rubio or any other Republican nominee? Don't hold your breath waiting for it.  

CNN has every right to put whatever Op Ed piece it wants on it's website and it's cable news shows. They have the right to carry Hillary Clinton's water. Just as it is true that conservatives have every right to call CNN out for it. My concern is that we'll think calling them out is enough.  It's not. The medium controls the message and liberals control the medium for the most part. The only way to beat them at this game is to get out there face to face with every constituency and talk about issues and job qualifications and solutions. I contend that pressing the flesh will defeat pressing the volume button on the media loudspeaker. I said this in 2008 to be ready for 2012. It didn't happen. At least it didn't happen effectively. And so here we are already facing a Clinton juggernaut that we have to defeat in 2016.

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