May 2, 2013

Hillary Clinton Experienced?

I saw this yesterday and I just had to comment on it. Hillary Clinton will make an abysmal president - worse than Obama.  She'll be almost as progressively liberal, and she has a track record of doom to look at and wonder.

Unfortunately, in and out of the media, she has a lot of rabid fans.  If you are one of them, for your benefit, let me dissect those bullet points quickly.  I've provided links because you may not have heard of these things before and you'll need some context.

8 years as First Lady: great, put her in charge of the White House China sets, not relations with China.  Besides, her husband already was too cozy with China.  8 years as First Lady is meaningless in terms of leadership skill and negligible in terms of experience.  Sure, she had Bill's ear but he didn't think with what was between his ears anyway. Then there was Whitewater, FilegateTravelgate and sitting idly by while being cheated on by her husband. Oh, and her odd conspiracy theories. Oh and Hillarycare - a failure that Americans should have been thankful for getting.

8 years as a Senator: Let's see, she ran in a state where she had no chance of losing to a Republican. She kept a low profile in her first (partial) term as a NY Senator.  She served on a few committees (including one on Aging?). She supported the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq (enjoy that one liberals), secured a bunch of money for New York (by the way - not her home state) for rebuilding after 9/11 (pork anyone?).  She did get some pro-family credit for trying to get the Federal Trade Commission to investigate the video game Grand Theft Auto. No kidding. You just know that's important work and the number one issue facing American families of this generation.She was against the troop surge in Iraq that proved successful. She also insulted General David Petraeus at the time who turned out to be right about the surge - not Hillary.  Oops.  So why exactly did she get the Secretary of State role then?

4 years as Secretary of State: Lot's of foreign policy experience right? Um, not so much. Benghazi. Tuzla Air Base  trip (grant it was pre-Secretary but it fits the pattern), maybe arming Al Qaida in Syria, the Russian reset kerfuffle, she went all Nancy Pelosi on her administration's position on supplying the rebels in Libya.  That's a pretty impressive record.  The press will tout the fact that she set a record for most foreign visits but what did she accomplish really?  As a voter it's not wise to be invested in the window dressing as it is to be informed of the accomplishments and failures.  All those foreign visits were her way, or Obama's way of keeping an arms lengthy from each other and each other's record. Nothing more.  There is no great list of accomplishments.  Visits just don't cut it.

And finally, let's not forget that the only real race she had was against Obama to be the nominee for the Democratic party to run for president against John McCain.  She lost to a then relatively unknown Obama when she started out as a prohibitive favorite.  During the race, promised not to campaign in Florida before she...campaigned in Florida. She also cried in New Hampshire. Tested? A little bit.  Passed the tests? Not really.  Her experience is all about politics not solutions.  If she had solutions we wouldn't have seen this.  And as far as politics goes, she would have seen this coming.


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