May 16, 2013

I agree with Frank but not this time.

The always delightful-to-read Frank Hill over at LeftCoastRebel makes a reasoned and sound point about how none of these scandals rocking the Obama administration are as important as the national debt.  He's right when he says this:
They are all important issues of governance or malfeasance, however you want to call it...

But none of them can do the damage to our future that out-of-control spending can cause because our debt gets too high and then, when interest rates return to 'normal'? It either crowds out other essential functions of government or inflation rears its ugly, ugly head and everyone suffers. Especially the elderly, poor and infirm.
He makes perfect sense and speaking as someone who believes national solvency trumps all other issues, I disagree.

I respectfully disagree with Frank for two basic reasons.  Firstly Frank is talking at a strategic level. But the root of the overspending problem is the mindset of the liberal spenders. Tactically it's a good idea to dislodge that mindset is to remove their power to influence the public.  One way to do so effectively is to ride these scandals until the president is truly a lame duck. His message of spending and growing government can be deeply if not mortally wounded if people lose faith in his message and also see what his ideology has wrought- an IRS not afraid to bully the citizens of America.

The other reason I disagree with Frank is that while economic concerns are paramount, the nation must be guided by principled leaders with courage and integrity.  This leadership has none of those qualities. They will be an obstacle to economic sanity at every turn because it suits their agenda. If they cannot be overcome (in the short term) then they must be exposed.   Exposing them is part and parcel to emasculating their grow-government agenda.

Frank is correct. The debt crisis is indeed the most important issue facing America today.  I only disagree on the approach to fighting that battle at the present time.  You have to play the cards that you are dealt and right now the right is holding a flush.  It would be a shame to fold this hand hoping that in the next game the cards we get dealt are an American Epiphany on economic fundamentals.  Not gonna happen.

Just saying.

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