May 31, 2013

Friday Musical Interlude - I Will Wait

Recently on Nonsensible Shoes Friday Musical Interludes I have posted songs from The Lumineers and Of Monsters and Men as current musical acts that have quality and potential.  They are groups that rely on quality writing, melodies, harmonies, and real vocal performances as well as instrumental variety and skill.  In other words they have real talent.  The songs are simple and can compare to songs from years past when the songs were crafted not slapped together to get a quick hit. .  They don't rely on screaming, anger, whining, a repetitive beat, vulgarity, sex or vocal tuning to sell their songs.

A listing of current artist in that mold would not be complete without Mumford and Sons.  Their music hearkens back to folk and country roots from both America and Great Britain.  They are certainly a talented band and an enjoyable listen.  Their biggest hit to date is I Will Wait.  It's instantly recognizable and catchy.


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