March 1, 2013

Sequestergeddon has arrived! Hide your women.

We're gonna need this guy now.
Well, it's a post-sequester world now, isn't it?

You know what that means.  Unexpected unemployment surges.  Laid off postal workers going postal.  Airline flights constantly crashing head on in mid-air. Cities in flames.  Americans fighting each other for scraps of food.  National Guard patrols.  Martial Law.  Drive by shootings.  Looting.  Stampedes of people.  Bodies in the streets.  Cannibals feeding on the corpses. Snake Plisskin coming to the nation's rescue (if he feels like it). A new Pope. Truly these are strange days.  Protect your women, children and food and water.

On a more serious note, was it just me or did the presidential retreat on the impact of the sequester being actually further down the road smack of retreat and being caught out in spin mode for the scare tactics he has ermployed?  Listen to the clip below and tell me it isn't some world-class backpedaling.

Combine that with the story on the White House clash with Bob Woodward and the executive branch sounds like it is in disarray over the sequester. Panic, lies, a called bluff, and threats.  It makes Nixon look positively positive by comparison.

But it's okay America.  You did the right hope and change thing.  All will be well.  The smartest man on the planet is in charge.

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