March 19, 2013

Hillary Rodham Clinton - disaster in waiting

Hillary Rodham Clinton will run for president.  Hillary Rodham Clinton will be a formidable opponent for any Republican nominee - she's female, she's a liberal, and she will be the media darling that Obama was in 2008.   That's because she was treated like a second class citizen by them when Obama ran against her.  They'll feel guilty.  They'll hate the Republican no matter whom it might be.  They'll lover her liberalness.  They will re-find her and start the meme that there are two Democrat superstars who have run back-to-back and that the country is so lucky that this is the case.

She's done everything right by her party, and more importantly for her own political fortunes.  She stood by cheating Bill.  She didn't run against Obama in 2012 though arguably she very well could have defeated him for the nomination and beaten any and all comers from the weak Republican field.

Hillary Rodham Clinton must be defeated.  She would have been as much of a disaster as Obama, and in 2016 she will actually be worse.  Following on the heels of a disaster, another disaster will be intensified.  This is what a Hillary Rodham Clinton presidency would represent.  Her role as Senator was a joke, her credibility to become a Senator was nothing more than her last name.  Her role as Secretary of State was granted for political reasons. Her bona fides for being involved in a State Department role was perhaps coming under fire in the former Yugoslavia.  Except that never happened. Her lack of depth is likely to be exposed in the Benghazi attack email leaks.

Domestically there was Whitewater, and Hillarycare.  There was her willingness to grant drivers licenses to illegal immigrants.  There\s the carpetbaggerism.

There's this blatantly political move - so political in it's motivation and timing, it's sickening. Watch only if you have a strong stomach for opportunistic, deliberately distracting, calculated pandering.

In an effort to defeat Hillary Rodham Clinton, investigating her is likely to become more and more of a focus here over the next few years.  

Stay tuned.

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