March 15, 2013

What is classical liberalism?

Are you a classical liberal?  Test yourself using the points in this video.  How many of the 10 points do you agree with?

I scored quite high, so I would classify myself as a classical liberal.  However I didn't get a 10 out of 10. More like 9.5.  There are a few points in there that I'd argue need a more robust definition.  For example on tolerance, does it imply that we should tolerate intolerance?  (Modern, progressive) Liberals cannot tolerate conservative ideas. There are some who are intolerant of conservatives' views.  Should they be challenged on their hypocrisy and intolerance rather than just tolerated?  Arguably yes.

At least it's something to think about.  I'm going to review my views on these in the future as well as the implications of each of the 10 points raised, in a little more depth.  But if you are a conservative, a liberal or a libertarian, review the video and score yourself a point for each of the ten elements you agree with.  If you're brave, post your score in the comments section.

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