March 8, 2013

Dictator Watch - March 2013

It's been a long time since three's been a Dictator Watch post on Nonsensible Shoes and a lot has happened on that front since the last one.  Too much in fact, since time restrictions require that I combine the Dictator Watch with the Two word opinion format.

Hugo Chavez - Dead. Definite zombie.

Kim Jong Un - Insane and preparing for an offensive war against America. Not happening.

Mahmud Ahmedinejad - insane and proving it.  See above.

Vladimir Putin - investing in Syria just because he can. Prevent defense.


  1. Dean,
    As to: "Kim Jong Un - Insane and preparing for an offensive war against America. Not happening."

    Just a quick comment as to NK and the nukes. I have said in the past it is impossible to negotiate with mad men and even more so if one considers his or her own leaders mad, which I certainly do on many levels including his Anti-American stance towards everything including the usual lip service towards China and their little offspring, NK.

    My main concern is and has always been this. Rhetoric aside, NK does in fact have a nuke. NK does in fact have a delivery system which to lob a nuke over the border into SK. And if memory serves, we have close to 35,000 troops stationed across that border.

    Doesn't really take a brain surgeon to realize a madman can cause serious problems and this scenario is one that has always worried me.

  2. I don't disagree Joseph - North Korea has a madman for a leader, and they do have a nuclear weapon capability. But they have had a string of madmen as leaders, and there have been no re-ignitions of the Korean War. There is a problem to be dealt with but I really think right now this is all bluster and for internal consumption and also related to the internal power dynamic within North Korea.

    There is definitely potential for problems, but there always has been. I think the danger level is no different than it was 2 or 10 years ago. The difference now is that the damage it could cause.


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