March 25, 2013

Jim Carrey, wrong on guns

Jim Carey grew up in part in Scarborough (part of Toronto), not far from where I grew up.  For a while, it is said that his family lived in a van there.  So a little empathy might be in order - from me at least.  He is of course entitled to his opinion as well.  

God complex?
But this tweet is absurd, offensive, crude and just plain simpleminded. The last point is the one I can comment on without losing my grip on my own connection to calmness.  It wasn't his only tweet on the subject either.

Carrey implies in his latest tweet that children's safety requires further limitations on guns.  His side has slowly seen their grip on polling favorability slip away.  Perhaps that inspired the insulting profanity.  But the premise itself is incorrect.  No one wants children to be at risk.  No one wants children hurt or killed.  He assumes that people who believe in gun rights are against child safety as an adjunct to their own desire for gun rights.  The two positions he seems to think, as do many liberals apparently, are mutually exclusive.

But gun free schools are inviting targets for homicidal sociopaths.  Why is that?  Because the people there are defenseless.  The truth is, more gun laws won't stop gun crimes.  Outlawing guns entirely won't stop gun crime.  It just won't.  Illegal guns will continue to exist.  Carrey in fact, has taken the typical liberal position of unilaterally disarming the good guys, in order to disable the bad guys (think unilateral Cold War nuclear disarmament).  It won't work.

Meanwhile Carrey has likely alienated at least 40% of his audience with his outlandish remarks.  That's not a good idea when your star power is dwindling. Move back to Canada Jim, if you dislike what the country you are living in stands for with respect to guns or any other issue. 

Just saying.

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