March 13, 2013

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Things have been chaotic lately and I have not had any time to blog.  I am missing it.  Unfortunately it will be a little longer before I have time to get back to regular blogging.  In the meantime, I have had some time to read a few other blogs and thought I'd share some links to some interesting and good posts.

I just read on Bob J's Rants an interesting post about Islamic world domination. Here's an excerpt.  If you find it interesting, you can read the rest of it here.
I truly believe that this world will soon be ruled by Islam, and I think it will happen soon. With so many people questioning Christianity and turning away from the Bible, as well as Islamic countries and religious leaders doing everything they can do to push Islam and eradicate or marginalize other religions, it's happening already. Islam will take over the world much sooner than we might expect.

There was a story on Fox New last week about a college that shut down dorm room Bible study. This was a college in Florida, not Egypt. Almost every day now, you hear about something of this sort. People seem to be turning more and more against Christianity. You can say "well, that's the stupid government and not the people", but in North America we choose our government and leaders. So if people were against not allowing Christmas displays on government property, they should elect different people, or at least speak out against the actions of the government (or college leadership in this Florida case - I'm not sure if this was a government or private college) That’s why I say Islam is going to take over the world if this keeps up. Undermining our own foundations and not challenging the views of a religion that seems driven in large part by radicals is not helping us keep our way of life, it's weakening our ability to defend our way of life...

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