March 18, 2013

Questions and Sensible Answers

Link for geeks.
Here are a few questions that you or I have asked or pondered along with links to some answers that thankfully, we don't have to come up with on our own.

Has government finally borrowed enough?  Depends on whom you ask.

Conservative and not digging Facebook's unequal application of its policies?  Read this.

Liberal and convinced gun-grabbing is a good thing? Here's an example why not.

Still not convinced - maybe Dianne Feisnstein is carrying your banner? Here's Proof she's not.

Who might be Obama's worst possible pick for Labor Secretary?  This guy (the one he nominated).

Conservative and want to see some just desserts? How often do you think this has happened?

Ever wonder about libertarian lifegaurds?  Me neither but there's an interesting post discussing a cartoon on the concept.

Did the devil spawn a son?  Sure looks like it.

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