March 3, 2013

James Burke, brilliant idea

Over at Proof Positive, Proof has started posting a series by James Burke  entitled Connections.  I also posted the series along with others by Burke a while back on the on-going Saturday Learning Series (you can find the links here).  The series was made back in 1978 I believe but it's brilliance holds up to this day, if not the picture quality (which is at least, decent).  Check out the videos if you are interested, they are profound and relevant to this day.

But in addition to the series Burke produced, he has updated his idea to the 21st century.  He is working on creating a Knowledge Web, that connects people, hopefully everyone eventually, across time and space by their interactions and dependencies.  In the future, when the knowledge web is fully functional, you could conceivably create your own journey through connections, in essence, writing your own episodes of Connections.  That would be amazing.

Here, Burke demonstrates the possibilities of his brilliant idea.

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