September 27, 2012

Facebook Metdown, part 21

Via TechCrunch,
Some Facebook users were alarmed this morning when it appeared that private messages written in 2009 and earlier were showing up on viewable Timelines as messages “Posted by friends.”

The earliest version of this post included accounts of users who claimed to have had their private messages turned into Timeline posts. TechCrunch has investigated more, and we have found no evidence that the allegedly exposed posts were actually private messages. Our Facebook specialist Josh Constine found that email receipts show allegedly exposed messages were in fact Wall posts, and the posts do not appear in users’ Facebook Messages inbox.

Facebook also says in no uncertain terms that there is absolutely no privacy bug.
Just because they say it isn't an issue doesn't mean it isn't. People I know personally have been experiencing this issue (though I haven't personally).  When someone has a vested interest in making you believe something or seeing something a certain way, they will try to do so*.

*See pollsters.

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