September 6, 2012

Some great reading from around that webophere thing

Some great recent reading in the links below.

No, you didn't save the auto industry Mr. President.  From the Cato Institute

Full Metal Patriot has a logical take on the Democrats' We Belong All to the Government insanity.

Elizabeth Warren truth exposed at Legal Insurrection

Line of the week is at Capitalist Preservation.

The first in a long line of fact checking the Clinton speech: Job creation?  From The Foundry

What??? King Shamus has gone bi-partisan for the Democrats.

Clinton apologizes for his speech. I guess it wasn't Castroesque enough. Via Diogenes Middle Finger

I've been 'wondering' why there haven't been a ton of state polls since the RNC convention. Virginia Right 'wonders' a little bit further and more specifically.

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