September 19, 2012

Canada Ranks (Well) Ahead of U.S. in Economic Freedom

Canada - right direction, America - wrong direction.  Via Canada's National Post, here's the key paragraph;
“The key driver of our success versus the U.S.’s success is really size of government,” said Fred McMahon, the Fraser Institute’s vice-president of international policy research. “That’s where Canada, since 1995 has gone up significantly [in ranking] and where the United States has gone down even more significantly.”
That says it all.  Obama is not listening, but are Americans?  We'll know (almost) soon enough. 


  1. Truly heartbreaking. How did it come to this? You should check out the stats at the Heritage Foundation's econo freedom index - they confirm what you are saying here.

    1. 7 of the top 50 safest banks in the world are in Canada as well.


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