September 10, 2012

More bad news

The last couple of posts have had a pretty negative slant. A so-called Republican supporting Obama, and I missed Bill Whittle.  Let me just pile on that negativity for a moment. The latest polling indicates that president Obama received a post convention bounce while Mitt Romney got none, or the intra-convention bounce wore off because of the timing of the Obama coronation purposefully hit the tail end of the Republican convention and didn't allow the Republican's bounce to take hold.  On top of that, in August, the president had overtaken Romney in fundraising for the first time in months and Democrat Super-PACs seem to be ramping up as well.

Bleh. More bad news.

Nevertheless, I remain upbeat.  The polls may shift and the Obama bounce, puffed up by the media may very well turn out to be as transient as Romney's.  After all, Carter led Reagan by 4 points in September 1980.  Mitt Romney's ad blitz has finally started.  They'll need more messaging to add to the blitz, but the dollar amounts they've raised can help turn the temporary tide.  And really, the three debates are really going to be the deciding factor and frankly I like our chances.  Biden will be torn apart by Ryan. And in the Romney-Obama debates there will be no teleprompter for the president to use.  Short of cheating, he'll come up short against Romney.  He has too much to answer for, to account for, to effectively mount a sustainable and strong defense.

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