September 12, 2012

The Finish

So the race for the White House is still tight. Either Mitt Romney is being mistreated by systemically, deliberately faulty polling - the oversampling of Democrats relative to Republicans and Independents, adults instead of likely voters - or the race is indeed close.

Either way the contender will have to get the White House the old fashioned way - he'll have to earn it, to paraphrase John Houseman.

The more I think about that the more I like it. After all, the economy being as bad as it is presents a reason not to vote for the current guy, but it doesn't make the case for the other guy. That's how we ended up with BHO.

Romney needs to earn his presidency. He needs to fight for it. He can't coast into it on Obama's badness or else we will get yet another ersatz president. Romney needs to do more than he has done to date. He's presented the case that he has business experience. He used the convention to humanize himself.

That leaves two tasks for him to complete. He has to present his plan for recovery. It needs to be comprehensive but simple enough to make a sound bite. It needs to be convincing and realistic. It has to appeal to voters and it has to have measurable goals.

The other thing he needs to do - beat Obama in the debates. Convincingly.

If he does those things well, he'll have earned the confidence of the American electorate and the presidency.

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