September 2, 2012

I'm conservative and racist

I have a confession to make -- I'm conservative and I'm a racist.  Okay, at least according to liberal doctrine I'm a racist. A couple of my recent posts seem to support that conclusion. Each night after the convention speeches I posted some quick, first-instinct assessments of the speeches.  There seems to be a pattern in my assessments that looks like it might be racist.  Parenthetically, I should add, I'm a middle-aged white guy, which makes the racism on my part extra evil.

On the first night of the convention, I gave only two grades of A- or better: Chris Christie and Artur Davis.  Christie is white and Artur Davis is African-American.  On the second night, there were two grades of A or better in my opinion.  I gave an A to Ryan and an A+ to Condoleeza Rice (the highest grade I gave to any speaker).  On the third night I only gave one A to Marco Rubio.  Out of those 5 grades let's see; 2 African Americans, 2 whites and 1 Hispanic.

Unfortunately, according to census records I've under-represented Hispanics in my grading and not filled my quota of A's for Hispanics.  That looks bad.  I made the mistake of grading the speakers on things like content, delivery, and impact instead of quotas.  Racist. Clearly racist.

The point is there's always something someone can find to pin on you, and they will.  Anyone who thinks that I'm racist, or claims so in knee-jerk fashion doesn't know me.  Honestly, I do not think about my personal life.  My friends cut across the racial spectrum and they are made based on personal connection and commonalities rather than some racial criteria.  I see people of individuals, not as colors or ethnic groups.  

Democrats, by virtue of their politics see people as groups to be placated.  They have criteria and quotas to consider - always.  So it's no surprise that they see racial, sexist or class-related boogeyman around every corner.  They've shoe-horned themselves into a line of thinking that forces them to look at things through various prisms such as a racial prism.

No matter what I do, no matter who I befriend, no matter my openness to other cultures, I am and always will be in their eyes, a racist.  That's not because I'm white because then white liberals wouldn't be able to exonerate themselves.  The reason in liberal eyes that I'm racist is because I'm a  conservative.  They have a myriad of special interest demographics they feel they have to appease, so everyone fits into a category.  They see conservatives no differently, except that the box they fit us all into is a box they consider racist, sexists, homophobic and evil.  It's because they can't see individuals anymore. They've* moved society from three dimensional to one dimensional, and they persist in their smug superiority over it.  

Clearly it's not all of them because to say that would be thinking like a liberal.


  1. I am in full agreement with everything you say above Dean. I know you've seen this in my blog (Joetote), But it fits in so nice with your neat concise essay.

    At the risk of sounding racist (oops! Forgot! I’m a conservative so by definition in the loony world of the left, and for that matter Jesse, Al, Holder and so many others, I am racist! Oh Well!), I’m going to state this as easily as I can. My problem is not with blacks, whites, Asians, Hispanics, yellow people or even blue people (after all, we have blue people here in Vegas, all blue! Just check the ads. LOL!).

    No, my problem with this entire administration, the loopy Democratic party as well as the RINO scum and for that matter way to many politicians in general (and while I’m at it, I might as well throw in the leftist academia, media elite, leftist Hollywood kooks, etc.) is those damned RED people! Starting at the top with our President, those RED people turn my stomach! RED PEOPLE AS IN COMMIE RED!

    So yes, seeing I’m branded as such by the ideologically blind morons (you reading this loony leftists? Just wondering) who march in lockstep with the BOZO in CHIEF, I now openly declare my racism! Yes, I DETEST RED PEOPLE! Everything this President stands for is in line with the RED philosophy! As Kruschev said, “we will destroy you!” And he was right! They have brainwashed half the population and are destroying us from within, with this President clearly following the hard left Socialist script. Damned Red People!!!

    The sad part of my above statement is that it isn’t meant as a joke or satire! It is the hard open fact of what has become of our once great nation! It is what happens when an electorate chooses to hide its collective head in the sand. It’s the result of hard left education (or lack of any education seeing what the schools are turning out) from our schools combined with the lies and promises of everything is free from the leftist idiots! It is what happens when a people turn their heads on the ideals and basic tenets that this country was founded on and choose to not even take responsibility for anything. It’s the greed shown in every leftist society towards the people who WORK for what they have and in turn are to be vilified and then have their earnings and property taken by the “benevolent government” and given to the lazy bastards who only know how to take! It is about unbridled power of the ruling class and all others are but peons! Damned Red People!

    Racism my ass!! This is about a philosophy that is tearing this nation apart and throwing it into the trash heap of history in the same manner that every hard left Socialist Dictatorship has gone! If I am to be branded a RACIST for standing on principle, then so be it!

    1. The irony is Joe, that if you don't see things in a racial lens it makes you a racist by their definition. That definition should be challenged and exposed for the falsehood that it is until it is finally relegated to the dustbin of history.


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