September 30, 2012

Sharing the best of it

I was catching up on my reading and viewing yesterday and I got to the Pajamas Media PJTV offerings and I saw a number of pieces that made me think to myself "I've got to re-post that!"  I couldn't possibly re-post them all or else I'd look like a local affiliate of Pajamas TV.  The Canadian affiliate I supposed.

Bill Whittle was recently here in Toronto and unfortunately for me, I missed it. I wasn't able to attend, though I'd hoped to do so  After his trip, Bill had some complimentary things to say about Toronto and about Canada and our relationship with the U.S. and some not so complimentary things about our institutionalized multiculturalism. He could not have been more correct. To see his thoughts, on the subject, check this out. I hope he comes back again, I will be sure not to miss him next time.

And again from Bill Whittle, there's a monologue - a eulogy almost - about America's future past and why space exploration is was one of the somethings that made America great.  He leaves it to his audience to infer for themselves that the money for space exploration, which is a drop int he fiscal bucket (now even less than a drop), was better spent than so many Utopian progressive spending efforts that have supplanted the right type of government investments.  He does briefly give credit to private individuals who are attempting to fill the void. But the real learning he provides comes at 5:09.

But that still wasn't the video I decided I'd share.  Instead I wanted to share this discussion that focuses on the recent hot topic of media/polling bias in the presidential race.  Here's the take of Scott Ott, Bill Whittle and Stephen Green on Trifecta.

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