September 11, 2010

Saturday Learning Series - The Amen Break Drum Beat

Today's Saturday Learning Series takes an unusual detour into musical history. The Amen Break is a 6 second drum beat you have very likely heard in some song or commercial and not realized it. According to Wikipedia;
The "Amen break" was a brief drum solo performed in 1969 by Gregory Cylvester "G. C." Coleman in the song "Amen, Brother" performed by the 1960s funk and soul outfit The Winstons. It gained fame from the 1980s onwards when four bars (5.2 seconds) sampled from the drum-solo (or imitations thereof) became very widely used as sampled drum loops...The full song is an up-tempo instrumental rendition Jester Hairston's "Amen," which he wrote for the Sydney Poitier film Lilies of the Field (1963).

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