September 25, 2010

Some thoughts on the mid-terms

I don't be-grudge Stephen Colbert going to a House hearing and testifying about dirt, farm workers and other sundry thing, in character from his Comedy Central show.  From a capitalist perspective, I'm thinking it was a good publicity move.  I'm not all that jazzed about him showing a discernible lack of respect for Congress, but he has every right to do so.  It's not like he wants to build a mosque next to it.  In both cases it's a matter of what's allowable versus what's right.  Colbert's move however, is far less offensive than a Ground Zero mosque.

But I digress.  While I don't be-grudge Colbert, I do have to question the wisdom, yet again, of a Democrat Congress showing such disrespect for itself as an institution. This close to the midterm elections maybe it was some sort of desperate attempt to portray Democrats as just regular people.  The thing is, just regular people don't want their money spent or time wasted on things as farcical as this at a time of national economic crisis.

Has the GOP stumbled onto a useful tactic with Castle?  When Charlie Crist decided to run as an independent for Senate in Florida it seemed like a blow to GOP candidate Marco Rubio.  But Rubio roared back.  With Barbara Murkowski thinking about a write-in ballot in Alaska, and Castle apparently pondering the same thing in Delaware, could it actually turn to an advantage for the GOP?  In Alaska, no but Delaware.  As far left as Castle is, he might actually hurt Coons by running and thereby aid O'Donnell.  What would be fantastic, is if that tactic were deliberate.

Polling is moving all over the map lately in some races. Of course  more polls mean more variation and possibly more confusion leading up to November.  Is the GOP losing momentum or sustaining it?  Look for apples to apples polls, look for Likely Voter polls instead of Registered Voters.  But more importantly, don't let any poll dissuade you from voting.  Make sure you do, and make sure you do whatever you can to help stoke the fires of a common sense revolution.

The Republican Pledge? Yeah, it's a good start...

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