September 27, 2010

Reid moves on immigration - the wrong way.

Cynical ploy
Scripps Howard news service is reporting Reid is fishing for Hispanic votes.  This is a vote buying ploy that I think would do Reid more harm than good.  It's not going to go anywhere in the Senate - other Democrats won't likely entertain the idea, because even those who want amnesty, are in favor of comprehensive reform.

WASHINGTON - Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has announced plans to have the Senate tackle a measure that would let illegal immigrants who came into the United States as children become citizens -- bucking a long-held tenet of Democratic strategy that immigration reforms should be dealt with as a comprehensive package.

The legislation, known as the DREAM Act, would allow undocumented people enrolled in college or enlisted in the military, and younger than 35, to obtain a green card and ultimately citizenship -- provided they came to the U.S. before age 16, have lived here for more than five years, and have no criminal record.
Internal polling must be telling Harry Reid a different story than all those polls that show the race with Angle as neck-and-neck.

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