September 9, 2010

A brief get out the vote note

Are you voting this mid-term?  No matter what happens?  This mid-term is the most important mid-term election in decades.  You vote matters.  Your vote is needed.  But more is needed too.

Do you know someone who might not be voting, and would be a good candidate to have a chat with?  Someone who might be on the fence but could be persuaded to vote against big government?  Have a friendly chat with them.  They need to vote too.

Do you know someone who hasn't been paying attention to politics?  Someone who would be shocked to find out some of the things that conservatives have been pointing out for the last 18 months?  Someone who would be shocked to find out what the mainstream media has ignored or tried to sweep under the carpet?  Have a friendly chat with them.  They need to vote too.

Do you know someone who leans liberal who isn't 100% behind the strong arm political tactics of the current administration on so many issues.  Maybe they need a chat too.  A different kind of chat. One that gets them to question whether they should vote to support what is clearly a political regime rather than a philosophy of hope and change.  I think you can read between those lines.

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  1. With great feeling and emphasis I say: EXACTLY


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