September 2, 2010

Seriously, we need more Beck rallies.

I'm not kidding, more Beck rallies.  If we could get one a week until the election, that would be perfect.  Those rallies should go on tour.  Why?  Because if MSNBC and CBS want to argue about the attendance of those rallies, it keeps them from focusing their attention on getting the Democrats' message out.  Let them say that Glenn Beck only drew 87,00. Better that, even though it's insulting and wrong, than them trying to get out Democrat talking points.  Talking about Beck doesn't help the Democrat chances in November.

In other words, those rallies, designed to restore honor, would serve another purpose as well - they would be a distraction.  And you know the liberal media couldn't resist going after Beck. It's a compulsion.

In other words, conservatives need to employee Alinsky's rule #8. Keep the pressure on.  Beck if you're reading this, and I know you're not, think about at least a couple of more rallies.  Don't forget, we're getting into political prime time now.

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