September 5, 2010

Jobs NOT Saved

Remember President Obama said that we had to pass his stimulus in order to save jobs?  Sure you do.  He promised unemployment would go above 8% unless government acted.  Remember when the unemployment rate went over 10% following the stimulus bill passing?  Oops.  I've got a number for you - the number of jobs the President didn't save.

Here's a great visual reminder of what happened.

Remember now?  That video shows that not only did the President NOT save the jobs he planned to save, but he didn't save even more.  The actual impact in jobs?  The number is scary.  And I'm only talking about the last bag of pennies in the visual analogy in the video.  Remember, the President's package was supposed to stop the unemployment rate from reaching 8%.

Here's the math:  If the President promised an unemployment rate not to go above 8%, and right now it's 9.6%, or 14.9 million Americans unemployed. At 1.6% above his stated cap, the President has failed to save 2.48 million jobs.  Jobs saved is a fictitious number, but 2.48 million is a real number.  That's how many more people are currently unemployed than Obama said would be unemployed as a result of the stimulus bill he passed as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).  Spin that liberals. Spin that.

The American people need an economic recovery.  David Drucker from Roll Call was just on Fox News and he made the point that people don't care about politics, they care about results (in this case jobs).  He's wrong.  He's wrong because ideology drives politics and agendas.  If the agenda doesn't deliver results, then politics, and going even deeper, ideology, drives results.  More importantly, most people probably didn't care about politics in economic downturns in the past, but the dynamic of voter attention has changed.  A trillion dollar failure will do that to a people.

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