June 7, 2009

Europeans Rejecting Socialism. Kinda.

The BBC is reporting on the elections in the European Union this evening, showing a shift towards center right parties. Filling the void of right wing voices from the United States, most European countries shifted away from socialists towards center-right parties.

The governing parties in France and Germany and Italy have held up reasonably well (all conservative-leaning), but elsewhere there's been a shift. In the United Kingdom, the Labor party took a beating. Zapato's Spanish socialist party took a drubbing. Portugal turned away from the socialists as well.

Apparently, the European people in large part are starting to reject that which the liberal Democrats in America are starting to embrace. Good for them.

Way to go Europe. It's a good day for common sense.


  1. unfortunately they HAVE embraced a growing number of far right/nazi candidates


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  3. Noticed Europe was changing a few years ago. Electing more Conservative candidates while US was falling into Liberal politics. I thought: "Why are we always going in a different direction than the world!" It was our chance to be united, finally, and we screwed it up, ran the other way; the 'wrong' way, in my opinion. World leader's were synonymous with Bush, alas! But no one noticed. America learn from the Socialist mistakes of others? They (the Liberal's) had to "take the White House back," they exclaimed. Like it was their's in the first place or something. They were focused on one thing and one thing only since the once very high approval of President Bush: "Bring down Bush" was their only plan. That is what they said and with great effort, that was exactly what they did. Unfortunately, the masses were an easy target to exercise their strategy upon. And here we are. Now we are screwed!


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